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Last Updated 1/20/09

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*I'm still working on getting the site back up and revamped. The screencaps for the image gallery have been taking forever, so I'm going to work on getting some of the other pages up first.*

Welcome to The Babar Fan Website! This website focuses on the animated Babar TV series that was first run on HBO from '89 - '91 (also known on this site as the first Nelvana series). There are 5 seasons of the first Nelvana series. The second Nelvana series is officially season 6 of the Babar TV series, but it was made a decade apart from the first series and doesn't quite seem to fit in completely with the tone of the first series, so I'm counting it as more of an offshoot. For more information see the History page, which covers show overviews, and news about any new series that should come along.

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Babar belongs to Jean and Laurent de Brunhoff. The particular series in question belongs to Nelvana. Yakkity, smakkity, don't sue me. Sitemap